“Edmonton Anti Pest” is committed to offer our clients throughout the Edmonton area unsurpassed pest control service and our main goal is to keep any property in the area clean of pest, rodents, insects and wildlife. We started the business as part of our childhood curiosity regarding animal behavior, and during the years we understand to both respect animals, but to eliminate them when they bather our customers. From agrologists to well trained exterminators, our team is built strongly and is familiar with all biologic problem in Alberta. Our magic is to strive to develop rapidly pest management for each of our clients, and to “escort” closely every for his suitable anti pest plan.

Full Respect For All Of Our Clients

From senior citizens to handicapped, from the south side to the deep north side of Edmonton, our mission is to offer you honest pest control service and decent rates with special offer for low income citizens as well as any other person who cannot afford our high prices. Our exterminators are all decent Canadians who serve the province of Alberta for many years, and all of them are well known for their good manners as well as their professionalism in the industry.

Our Mission

When our team serve the community, we feel great pride as well as self satisfaction. Our main concern is about our customers needs and keeping you happy at the end of the service is our main goal. For commercial, residential and industrial needs we can always meet your expectation, and if you think you have rats, bee, Raccoons or any other animal, we are your quick answer for any pest control needs in Edmonton.